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Styling your bump!

Inspire confidence!

I have have been exceptionally lucky to have had some fabulous collaborations with many talented women. MammaBelle The Label has been a angelic bridge creating connection with beautiful souls I have not had the luxury of meeting.

Recently I worked with Lauren who has studied at the Australian Style Institute, she is a certified personal stylist living on the stunning Gold Coast. With a decade of experience teaching in Primary Education, Lauren and I share a passion for educating and supporting people. She is a firm believer that feeling good is the key to confidence! Confidence is a belief in yourself – it is not something that you have, it is something that you create. It can be acquired and improved over time. Confidence is crucial in all facets of your life – work, home and play. When you look good, you feel good. Her goal is to empower people by developing confidence through style.

I have been honored to have Lauren work on three styling videos that were designed to educate you on the key features of our MammaBelle breastfeeding friendly maternity dresses and inspire you to find confidence through styling and celebrating your bump!

Recognising that we don’t all have endless cash, many of us have a desire to look within what we already have to create new and exciting ways of dressing. Through the video’s Lauren will show you how to use items you may already have (hopefully a MammaBelle dress!) in your closet to style or inspire you to experiment with those items that may have sat in your closets a little too long without a lot of love!

I hope you enjoy these fab little vids!

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