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You’re Gonna be a Mamma!



When my friend and motherhood mentor Amy Taylor-Kabbaz (from spoke the following words, they resonated so deeply with me:

Feeling good about yourself FOR yourself is so important.

So often we just throw on the same old thing every day silently asking “what’s the point”?

The point is we can’t put ourselves on hold… We mammas need to honour ourselves as women and take the time to say “I am worth this”!

It’s time to honour yourself mamma!

Embrace your gorgeous new body and celebrate your growing bump with clothing that makes you feel


Because you are so worth it!

Who created MammaBelle?


Hello! I’m Alex. I’m a mamma of two little ones (girl +boy) and the creator of MammaBelle.

Like so many women, after becoming a mum, the thought of returning to the 9-5 grind of a ‘normal job’ was not appealing to me at all. I wanted to be at home with my kids and watch them grow and develop and be there for all of the little but incredibly special milestones.

BUT, I also yearned for my own creative project, something that would give me a sense of purpose and identity outside of being a mum that would allow me to work to my unique strengths and abilities in a way that would light me up! And of course I wanted to contribute to my family financially and create financial freedom for myself.

My inspiration for MammaBelle came about after hearing so many women speak about how dissatisfied they were with maternity and breastfeeding clothing. They used words like ugly, frumpy, daggy and boring. One of my friends even confessed to me that she was considering NOT getting pregnant because she would have NOTHING to wear!

So in 2014, when my son was around 6 months old, I started my MammaBelle journey. It took me over a year of researching, learning, studying, designing, sampling, tweaking, second guessing, asking for feedback, more tweaking and more second guessing, before I was ready to launch my debut collection in August of 2015.

MammaBelle was born out of my own passion for fashion and need for a creative outlet, mixed with the desire to help mammas to-be to look and feel beautiful from the inside out and help them to celebrate themselves and honour themselves for the gorgeous women that they are.

Headshot of Alex

About the clothes

MammaBelle is committed to creating high quality clothing made from gorgeous fabrics and fibres (you definitely won’t find MammaBelle using any nasty synthetics like polyester).

MammaBelle includes all of Alex’s (the creator of MammaBelle) own designs, including exclusive printed fabrics that Alex creates with the help of a graphic designer and her own fabric printer.

All of MammaBelle’s dresses are made with care in China by a mum of two small children who works with a small team of people to help complete orders in a safe and ethical manner. 

It is extremely important that MammaBelle uses high end ethical suppliers and that MammaBelle’s dresses are NOT created at the expense of someone else’s health and happiness.

My Official Bio


Alex is the creator of and mamma behind MammaBelle, a gorgeous maternity and breastfeeding clothing label for fashion loving mammas.

Alex loves to help mammas to-be to look + feel beautiful from the inside out, by helping them to embrace their gorgeous new bodies and style their growing bumps.

She has helped style hundreds of preggie and breastfeeding women with her exclusive range of dresses and has received loads of fabulous feedback regarding her designs. Check out what some of her happy customers are saying on her LOVE NOTES page.

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